Hash Xmas Party - Saturday, 3 December 2022

Deadline for registration - 27 November 2022 (midnight)


Date & Location: 

Saturday, 3 December 2022, at Strandgasthaus "Birner"

Starting time:

Doors open at 18:30, dinner is at 19:30


An der Oberen Alten Donau 47, in the twenty-first district.

Public Transport:

U6 or Schnellbahn (S1, S2, S3 & S7) to Floridsdorf, then 33A Bus to Morelligasse and a few minutes walk.
Or U1 to Kagraner Platz, then 26 Tram to Hoßplatz, and 8 minute walk.
See Blue Book p. 21 J/14 for walking routes.
Please note that the 33A stops at 20:40, and the 26 tram stops at around 12:30 am. After the 26 stops you will have to use the N20 bus (direction Strebersdorf) or walk to the U-Bahn station in Floridsdorf (only 12 mins to Floridsdorf U-Bahn). If you want to get to the U1 at Kagraner Platz, then use the N20 night bus (direction Kagraner Platz) from Hoßplatz.
There will be a great buffet (see details below), plenty to drink, awards for hashers, music (Old Skool Band aka Gang Bang Band) for dancing.
This will cost you only €25, payable on the night, provided you have Hashed 3 times this year, otherwise it is €35 (which is still a bargain).
Main Dishes: Gemischtes Wiener Gebackenes (Schwein, Huhn und Gemüse), Schweinebraten, Hühnerbrustfilet natur gebraten, Fleischlaibchen, Gemüse Quiche mit Knoblauchdip & Kürbisstrudel mit pikante Dipsauce.
Side Dishes: Butterreis, Petersilienkartoffel, Bratkartoffeln, Sauerkraut, Diverse Salat, Brot & Gebäck
Desserts: Tiramisu, Apfelstrudel &Topfenstrudel

Please note: There will be no smoking inside the main room (where our tables and band are located). Drinks are included in the €25 (or €35) and you can choose beer (draft, self-service), red or white wine, water, soft drinks or coffee. Schnapps (spirits) or sekt are not included, so you must pay for these items yourself.

Registration Form

Reg. No. Hash Name
1 The Blessed Saint Stormin' Norman, OVH
2 Rowed Runner
3 Mindphuck
4 O Sodomia!
5 Multiple Entry
6 Boottlegg Sister
7 Needleman
8 Nail Me
9 Walrus
10 Grande Madame de Toilette, Marie Tamponette, OVH
11 Prima Donna
12 "Anis S"
13 NoBalls Prize
14 No Mercy Mistress
15 Professor, DDr. Felch, Mind the Gap (MTG), OVH
16 "Just Jarmila"
17 Sex - O - Phone
18 Cumming to Touch You
19 Lucky Me
20 Root C
21 Court Jester, Free Willie, OVH
22 Sleeping Partner
23 Daisy Balls
24 7 Up
25 Null Cumma Josef
26 Prince of Barkness, Slush Puppie, OVH
27 Oh Fardolena
28 Whoppa
29 Anita Hanjob
30 Cardinal Munk, OVH
31 Absolutely Not a Lesbian
32 Mr Pink
33 Cockwork Orange
34 Septic Yank
35 Merry Me
36 Just In Beaver
37 Lopsided Backside
38 Morhaer von Richard Kopf, OVH
39 Lauda
40 Mother Superior, Matter over Mind (MOM), OVH
41 Rear Admiral Flying Dutchman, OVH
42 Boney M
43 Fluster Chuck
44 "Ralf (Band)"
45 Slowhand MBA
46 "Birte Maria (Band)"
47 Queenie
48 King Ralph
49 Boom Boom Pecker
50 "Just William"
51 Tonto
52 "Just Yoga"
53 007


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