Vindobona Hash House Harriers

VH3 Hash Weekend - 15 to 17 May 2015 - Registrations


Reg. No. Hash Name Home Hash T-Shirt Size Status
1 The Blessed Saint Norman, OVH Vindobona L Paid
2 Rowed Runner Vindobona M Paid
3 Multiple Entry Vindobona L Paid
4 Lord Glo-Balls, OVH Vindobona XL Paid
5 Happy Feet Vindobona M Paid
6 Whoppa Vindobona L Paid
7 Pocahontits Vindobona M Paid
8 Null Cumma Josef Vindobona L Paid
9 Likk'mm B.I.T.CH H3 XL Paid
10 Marie Tamponette Vindobona XL Paid
11 Moosehead Vindobona L Cancelled
12 Left Beer Hind Bratislava XL Paid
13 Fully Distilled Bratislava XL Paid
14 Lopsided Backside Vindobona L Paid
15 NoBalls Prize Vindobona M Paid
16 Yvonne Tous-Crowe Haparanda Panda Band S Paid
17 Mind the Gap Vindobona L Paid
18 Kun't Tell Ya! (Kuty Pi) Vindobona L Cancelled*
19 Slush Puppie Vindobona XL Paid
20 Ice Queen Vindobona M Paid
21 Joy Stick Vindobona L Paid
22 Joy Ride Vindobona M Paid
23 Rolling Stone Hannover L Paid
24 Afterglow (MSGK) Vindobona M Paid
25 Free Willie Vindobona L Paid
26 Root C Anal Vindobona M Paid
27 Hash Mama Damascus M Cancelled
28 Matter over Mind (MOM) Vindobona L Paid
29 Free and Easy Bratislava M Sat Only
30 Fallen Angel Vindobona S Paid
31 Sex Energy Vindobona L Paid
32 Pop Ur Cork Vindobona L Paid
33 King Ralph Vindobona XXL Paid
34 Septic Yank Vindobona XXL Paid
35 Merry Me Vindobona S Paid
36 Smokestack Munich M Cancelled
37 Spare Rib London L Cancelled
38 MeerPussy.Com Budapest XL Paid
39 Going Commando Catch the Hare XL Paid
40 "Margit E" Vindobona XL Paid
41 Yark Sucker Brussels Manneke Piss M Paid
42 Rumple Foreskin Brussels Manneke Piss XL Paid
43 Skylark London M Paid
44 Red Worm Zagreb XL Early Bird
45 Feeling like a Tampon Zagreb L Early Bird
46 Just In Beaver Vindobona M Paid
47 Hitman SHITS-Frankfurt XL Paid
48 KGB Royal Selangor XL Paid
49 Luvbeers Vindobona XL Cancelled
50 Slaphead Cambridge L Paid
51 Goldfinger Cambridge L Paid
52 Flying Dutchman Vindobona L Paid
53 Cosmo Tacoma XL Paid
54 Ban the Cock The Hague XL Paid
55 Double Dutch Mountain The Hague XL Paid
56 My Pint of View Vindobona XL Paid
57 Prima Ballerina Vindobona XL Paid
58 Sex is Feir Budapest M Paid
59 Weeny Schnitzel London L Paid
60 Yorky Porky Catch the Hare XL Paid
61 Baby Stool Moscow XXL Paid
62 Foxy Lady Moscow M Paid
63 Private Dancer Moscow L Standard
64 Fund my Cherry Moscow M Cancelled
65 Anita Hanjob Vindobona S Standard
66 Egg Al Vindobona S Standard
67 Cardinal Munk, OVH Vindobona XL Standard
68 Richard Kopf Vindobona XXL Paid
69 Pissing Doucheman Swordfish M Sat Only
70 Mr Pink Swordfish L Sat Only
71 Tom Wanks Swordfish XL Sat Only
72 Absolutely Not a Lesbian Bratislava M Sat Only
73 B.A.B.E. (Bald At Both Ends) Edmonton M Paid
74 Feel My Meat Moscow S Paid
75 Tonto Vindobona XL Paid
76 Hummer Erectus Cape Fear L Paid
77 Noah's Arse Vindobona   Cancelled
78 No Mercy Mistress Vindobona L Sat Only

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