Vindobona Hash House Harriers

2000th Hash Anniversary Weekend - 31 May to 2 June 2019 - Registrations


Reg. No. Hash Name Home Hash T-Shirt Size PaymentStatus
1 Lord Glo-Balls, OVH Vindobona XL Paid
2 Happy Feet Vindobona XL Paid
3 NoBalls Prize Vindobona M Paid
4 "Susanne G" Vindobona M Cancelled
5 My Pint of View Vindobona XL Paid
6 Slush Puppie Vindobona XL Paid
7 Casting Couch Vindobona M Paid
8 2Bob Vindobona L Paid
9 Lopsided Backside Vindobona L Paid
10 Cumming Numb DIVA XL Paid
11 Gwana Vindobona/Jamaica L Paid
12 Frau Brau Vindobona/Jamaica M Paid
13 Doctor No Brussels Manneke Pis XL Paid
14 Any Cock Will Do Brussels Manneke Pis S Paid
15 Mindphuck Newcastle upon Tyne M Paid
16 Pop Ur Cork Vindobona L Paid
17 King Ralph Vindobona XXL Paid
18 Walrus Vindobona XXL Paid
19 Bare Foot Vindobona M Paid
20 3 Dicks at Once Vindobona S Paid
21 Cheeky Monkey Vindobona S Paid
22 Holy Roamin' Empress (Ice Queen) OVH Vindobona L Paid
23 Bubbles Bergen XL Paid
24 The Blessed Saint Stormin' Norman, OVH Vindobona L Paid
25 Going Commando Catch the Hare XL Paid
26 Dirty Stop Out Catch the Hare XL Paid
27 Rolling Stone Hannover XL Paid
28 Pebbles Hannover S Paid
29 "Just Juna" Hannover S Paid
30 Afterglow (MSGK) Hannover M Paid
31 7 Up Vindobona M Paid
32 Chief Ironhat Zagreb L Pay on Weekend
33 "Just Mirjana" Zagreb S Pay on Weekend
34 Sex Energy Vindobona L Paid
35 Marie Tamponette Vindobona XL Paid
36 Fallen Angel Vindobona S Paid
37 Mother Superior - Matter over Mind (MOM), OVH Vindobona L Paid
38 Hot Property Vindobona L Paid
39 Anita Hanjob Vindobona M Cancelled
40 "Just Jarmila" Vindobona L Cancelled
41 Professor, DDr. Felch (aka MTG), OVH Vindobona L Paid
42 Sleeping Partner Vindobona M Cancelled
43 Canada Dry Snowy Owls L Pay on Weekend
44 No Mercy Mistress Vindobona L Paid
45 V.D.Viking SPOR&DIC XXL Pay on Weekend
46 Ingrid Larssen SPOR&DIC L Pay on Weekend
47 Blimey Lagos Away Team XL Cancelled
48 Hash Widow Lagos Away Team XL Cancelled
49 Sir John Shooter Zagreb L Pay on Weekend
50 The First Wife Zagreb S Pay on Weekend
51 Kun't Tell Ya! (Kuty Pi) Vindobona M Paid
52 Just In Beaver Vindobona M Paid
53 Pussy Galore Vindobona L Paid
54 Root C Vindobona M Paid
55 Free Willie Vindobona L Paid
56 Multiple Entry Vindobona XL Cancelled
57 Baby Stool Moscow XXL Paid
58 Foxy Lady Moscow L Paid
59 Cardinal Munk, OVH Vindobona XL Paid
60 Little Richard Vindobona XL Paid
61 Titti Frutti Vindobona S Paid
62 Rear Admiral Flying Dutchman, OVH Vindobona L Paid
63 "Just Guggy" Vindobona L Paid
64 Mad Cow Savannakhet (Laos) XL Cancelled
65 Lucky Me Vindobona L Paid
66 Birdbrian Munich L Paid
67 If the Glove fits, Cum in it Sembach L Cancelled
68 Easily Satisfied Sembach M Cancelled
69 Billy Boy Munich L Paid
70 Cosmo Tacoma XXL Cancelled
71 Joy Stick Vindobona L Paid
72 Joy Ride Vindobona M Cancelled
73 Paprika Smiley Pattaya L Pay on Weekend
74 Dr. Flatus MountainFoolTown L Paid
75 Trigamist Westcombe Park XL Cancelled
76 Victoria's Secret Vindobona M Paid
77 Nail Me Vindobona XL Paid
78 Morhaer von Richard Kopf, OVH Vindobona XXL Paid
79 Mister Bator Vindobona M Paid
80 Tick Pleaser Vindobona XL Paid
81 Iron Maiden Bratislava XL Paid
82 Pussy Whipped Yangon, Myanmar L Cancelled
83 Sex Toy Hogtown XL Paid
84 Condom Burster Zagreb L Pay on Weekend
85 Rongjon Gypsies in the Palace L Paid
86 Septic Yank Vindobona XL Paid
87 Merry Me Vindobona S Paid
88 Chaste Pussy Zagreb M Pay on Weekend
89 Whoppa Vindobona L Cancelled
90 Pocahontits Vindobona M Cancelled
91 Squeeze Box Mama Vindobona L Paid*
92 "Julles M" Vindobona M Paid
93 Boney M Vindobona M Paid
94 Honest Abe Belgrade M Pay on Weekend
95 The Wanker of Sarajevo Belgrade S Pay on Weekend
96 Bull's Eye China M Pay on Weekend
97 "Just Krissy" Belgrade M Pay on Weekend
98 Daisy Balls Vindobona ? Pay on Weekend*
99 Horse Dick Vindobona ? Pay on Weekend*
 80  Total on Weekend + 3 Day Trippers (Saturday)     * Day Trippers

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