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Location - Drosendorf, Waldviertel, Lower Austria

Town Gate, Drosendorf
 Town Gate, Drosendorf
Hotel in Drosendorf
Hotel in Drosendorf
Drosendorf Town
Drosendorf Town

Drosendorf  is a town on the Thaya river, which forms the border between Austria and the Czech Republic, although not exactly. The town is more correctly called Drosendorf-Zissersdorf. The town has medieval walls, surrounded by forests and a diverse river landscape. Baroque facades and old town houses frame the main square. Perched on a rocky outcrop the medieval Drosendorf was protected by a double rampart which skirted the river Thaya, thus shielding the city from its enemies. In 1278 the mighty ramparts were the Bohemian King Ottokar II's undoing. Enough of history, on to more important features of Drosendorf...

We have reserved accommodation directly in the heart of this picturesque mediaeval town, some 115 km North-West of Vienna (More North than West, so perhaps North-North-West).

So mark your diaries and book the weekend 4 to 6 May 2018 - Reblaus Weekend.

We have reserved rooms in the hotel Zum Goldenen Lamm (Gasthof Failler) and the Schloss Pension. The Gasthof Failler is a 3-star hotel in the heart of Drosendorf and the Schloss Pension is next door. Please do not contact the hotels directly, as we will be making all the arrangements for booking the rooms and the meals, the evening meals for all will be in the Zum Goldenen Lamm. There are enough places reserved for up to 60 in the hotels (depending on the number of singles).

More Info about the Hotel |  More Info about Drosendorf 

Why Reblaus Weekend?

Austria not only is in top three in the annual European beer drinking per capita charts (look here), our home country is also very well known as wine drinking heaven. In the eastern part of Austria there of plenty of Heurigens, names for taverns where a local winemaker serves his or her new wine under a special licence in alternate months during the growing season (and also during the rest of the year). The Heurige are renowned for their atmosphere of Gemütlichkeit shared among a throng enjoying young wine and food, ranging from simple to first class cuisine. Many Austrians have their favourite Heurigen taverns and many winemakers are willing to let you taste their wines even if their taverns are not ausgesteckt (opened) if you call them up beforehand. Look up the following two links to get an idea about the history of the Reblaus (vine fretter, phylloxera plague). The nostalgic train that runs in the area between the towns of Retz and Drosendorf is called the Reblaus-Express.

Reblaus Logo

A famous and immortal musical memorial in honor of the Reblaus was sung by the great Austrian Actor Hans Moser. Lyrics for this song can be found here.

„I muaß im frühern Lebn eine Reblaus gwesen sein Ja, sonst wär die Sehnsucht nicht so groß nach einem Wein“  
(In my former life I must have been a vine fretter, otherwise my longing to drink wine wouldn’t be so strong)  

In short, we love to drink beer, we enjoy a good glass of wine or three and most of all we shall be pleased to be your hosts for a small-scaled Hash weekend in the North of Lower Austria. After last years EuroHash extravaganza it will be a pleasure to host a more intimate event (no pun intended). We look forward to seeing you.  

Agenda for Weekend (Provisional)

This Agenda is provisional and any details may change between now and the weekend.


Friday, 4 May 2018

16:30 - Check-in opens at the hotel and keys will be available for your rooms. The hotel will have a list of the room assignments, so just pick up your key at the reception, if you get there before 17:00.

17:30/18:00 Short Run/Walk through town

20:00 Dinner at the Gasthof zum Goldenen Lamm.

If you are planning to arrive late, after 21:00 in Drosendorf let us know and we will try to make arrangements for a late dinner. 

Saturday, 5 May 2018

from 08:00 Breakfast

10:00 Runners leave from Drosendorf

11:30 Walkers leave for Railway Station

14:00 Nice lunch and wine tasting in Fronsfeld

19:30 Dinner at Gasthof zum Goldenen Lamm - Theme - Cinco de Mayo - Costume Ideas -

Cinco de May ManCinco de Mayo Woman

Sunday, 6 May 2018

from 08:00 Breakfast

10:00 The Hangover Hash

11:00 Circle and Farewell Down-Downs

Monday, 7 May 2018

18:30 - We will have our usual Monday Hash on the edge of Vienna (location on our normal schedule page, nearer the date) and any visitors that wish to extend their stay are welcome to join us.

Price and Payment Details

The price for the weekend is €198. Single rooms are available at an extra charge ( €20). 

This price is a package deal which includes the hotel room (sharing a double bedrooms, surcharge for single rooms), food (2 breakfasts, 2 dinners and Saturday lunch) and all the beer you can drink during the weekend (from Friday evening to the end of the Circle on Sunday), plus various extras (Haberdashery, Music, Transport during the weekend etc.).

Payment Instructions will be sent via email to each participant.

Transport to Hotel

Friday - 4 May 2018

11.50 h/ 13.50 h/15.50 h/17.50 h -- Trains from Vienna (Hauptbahnhof and a few minutes later from Rennweg, Wien Mitte, Wien Praterstern) to Retz.
From Retz to Drosendorf by bus 875 -- leaves 4 minutes after arrival of the train 
After 17.50 h there are more trains to Retz but no public transport to Drosendorf!

Saturday - 5 May 2018 

06.50 h to Retz and the bus to Drosendorf - arrival time: 09.11 h!

Sunday - 6 May 2018

14.09 h & 18.12 h bus to Retz and train to Vienna  (2h29 min travel time)

14.55 h & 17:55 h Reblaus Express to Retz and train to Vienna (3:43 h & 2:43 travel time)

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