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Vindobona Hash House Harriers 800 - 18-20th September 1998

The Vienna Viagra Run

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"No Mercy Master" invites you to join the Vienna 800th run, which will be set in the picturesque village of Moenichkirchen. The village is situated in Northern Steirmark 1,000m above sea level. The accommodation is a little higher up the mountain at 1,200 metres in a wooded area. There are good views from the venue of
the surrounding countryside.

Two types of accommodation are available :-

A boarding house, "Norge  Universitaetsheim", that can accommodate approximately 20 people. This house has several bedrooms containing two or more beds. Downstairs at ground level is the party room. The basement has a sauna and showers.

A Hotel, Alpengasthof "Enzian", with an assortment of single, double, treble and more bed rooms. The two buildings are situated within 100 metres of one another.

As the Hotel and boarding house are associated with one another the grounds which they stand on are all available to the hash. The facilities available include:

Schedule for the Weekend

Friday 18th September - Registration and late night run (Run 799)

Meet at the "Lift Pension Sonnenhof" on Friday from 15:00 to 21:00. Have a few drinks. Registration followed by a night run up to the accommodation. Bring flashlights for this event. Drinks and Buffet at the Hotel after the run.

Saturday 19th September - Official 800th Run

Get up Saturday and play the Hash-o-lympics. This will include timed races on the scooters down the hill, volley ball and other nonsense. Saturday afternoon at 14:00 the 800th run will start. This will include the highest beer stop I have ever made, or more probably, the highest anybody has ever made unless they have hashed in the Himalayas!

This will be followed by some drinking - just a little - in the circle. Note that any and all offences committed during the run will be noted and punishment handed out accordingly. Winging about mountains etc will be considered offensive language and will be dealt with accordingly.

Saturday night party in the boarding house until we're all sick of it or the hashers sleeping there throw us out.

Sunday 20th September - 11 a.m. Hangover Run (Run 801)

Sunday late start after breakfast followed by a hangover run starting at 11:00. The Sunday circle, lunch and finally get cleaned up for departure.

Things to bring


The costs will be 1,500 Austrian Schillings, (125 US Dollars, 75 Sterling, 214 DM) per person if you stay in the Hotel or 1,300 Austrian Schillings, (108 US Dollars, 65 Sterling, 185 DM) per person if you stay in the boarding house. Food on Friday and Saturday night is included.Friday is a Buffet and Saturday a sit down meal. Breakfast is included on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Shower facilities will be available to us on Sunday afternoon to get cleaned up before departure even though we will have already checked out.

The Sunday meal is not included nor are any lunch time snacks. The Hotel can provide good cheap food. Wine and Beer are included for the Saturday night party and all hash circles. Drinks with the meals will have to be paid for, although we do intend to try and provide coupons for a limited number of free drinks on Saturday evening.


Friday 18th September through Sunday 20th September


Moenichkirchen, Niederoesterreich, Austria.

Meeting Place on Friday

Lift Pension "Sonnenhof"
A-2872 Moenichkirchen,
Liftstrasse 290

Telephone 02649-232

Accomodation for weekend

Alpengasthof "Enzian"
A-2872 Moenichkirchen 148

Telephone 02649-253
Fax           02649-2534

Also an adjacent building "Norge  Universitaetsheim", this is the boarding house

Directions by Car and Train

If you are traveling from outside Vienna and would like a lift from Vienna on the Friday evening, please indicate this on the registration form.  We will also arrange to transport you back on Sunday, of course!  If you need accommodation in Vienna on Thursday night or Sunday night, because of your travel arrangements, let us know and we will put you up ("Crash space") in Vienna.

If you fail to make the meeting place before 21:00 on Friday you will have to ask the proprietor of the "Lift Pension Sonnenhof".how to get to the Alpengasthof "Enzian". This is a brisk walk up the mountain taking approx 30 minutes. You can't miss it once you get there as they are the only     buildings.

Contact Phone Numbers for Late Arrivals - 0664-1428-983

A hash taxi service will be provided for people coming to and from the train station. Please let us know if you need a ride and when you will need it. You cannot walk from the station to the event.

Anyone interested should fill in the attached registration form or contact me directly (No Mercy).

Space is limited, so don't delay. Reserve a place now!

We can also send the information seen on this web page in hard copy form with brochures and pictures that provide more information. Or you can download a text only version, without the pictures. Please note there are some problems with special characters in this version which, due to time pressures have not been corrected.

ON - ON - Signing off, No Mercy Master.

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