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Monica Lewinsky

Vindobona Hash House Harriers 777 - 24-26 April 1998

Also known as Bill and Monica's Virgin Run!

Our HASH celebrates the outstanding leadership qualities of Bill Clinton (Official Bill Clinton Web Site at the White House), and the delightful relationship implied, but not yet confirmed, with the young and beautiful Monica Lewinsky (Wikipedia Entry). Bill has arrived in the highest office, of the most powerful country, already bearing a HASHName, Slick Willie. Vindobona H3 already has a Free Willie, and a Wicked Willie too, but we would like to inaugurate Bill, and his companion in pleasure, Monica, as honorary members of the Vindobona HASH. Bill and Monica are being invited to join us on this special occasion, and to undergo the HASH naming ceremony as a confirmation of their kindred sprit with the world-wide HASH community.

The male participants in the 777 will receive a Bill Clinton style baseball cap and the female will receive a dark blue beret in the goody bag. As you know the Hash has no rules, only traditions. For this weekend only, we will introduce a new tradition that if any Hasher is caught without a cap or beret, they will have to perform an instant Down-Down! There will be special bedroom inspection patrols, you have been warned!

Here is our latest plan for the 777 :-

Friday 24th April - Crossfield's Australian Pub - 6 p.m. - Registration

Meet at Crossfield's Australian Pub, Maysedergasse 5, 1st district.  This pub is in a small street off Kärntnerstrasse, just behind the Opera and the Sacher Hotel in central Vienna.  Detailed instructions will be sent to those out-of-town visitors who have registered in advance. We will have a drink, register, have a drink, meet your hosts, have a drink, eat something, have a drink, etc. A limited number of drinks will be included in your registration fee. Any drinks beyond this limit and any food you buy, you will have to pay for.

During registration you will get a goody bag containing the T-Shirt, the baseball cap or beret, some other gifts and full directions to all the other events during the weekend.

Saturday 25th April - End station of tram line 60, Rodaun - 1.30 p.m. - 777 Hash

The Hash will start from the end station of the tram line 60 in Rodaun. By public transport, take the U4 to Hietzing and then the 60 tram to the end station in Rodaun.

Directions: Drive out of the city along Breitenfurtestrasse.  In Liesing, continue along Perchtoldsdorferstrasse, then Wienergasse, then Plättenstrasse.  Turn right at the intersection with Donauwörtherstrasse (by the Perchtoldsdorfer Erlolungszentrum).  Take the second road to the right, this should be Beethovenstrasse, and continue until you see the tramline station.

After the run there will be a few beers to drink, some breads and spreads, and many Down-Downs.

Saturday 25th April - Pirat Rowing Club, Am Kaisermühlendamm 92  - 7.30 p.m. - Arkansas Hillbilly Party

Saturday evening will be a decent meal with music and plenty to drink, all included in your registration fee.

The theme will be the Arkansas Hillbilly Party and will be a fund raising event for the Bill Clinton Presidential Library. You are expected to dress appropriately, Down-Downs will be awarded to anyone who does not dress up!

There will be a tombola/raffle.  Please bring something (a bottle of wine/spirits or a T-shirt?) as a prize and give it to the GM (Karl "Mind the Gap" Bryk).

Directions:   From the Reichsbrücke, turn on to the A22 motorway going south towards the Praterbrücke, but before you get to the Praterbrücke, leave the Autobahn at the Kaisermühlen exit.  Turn left at the end of the slip road, cross over the motorway and then turn right so that you are now on the Am Kaisermühlendamm heading south as before.  Drive along until you reach a No Entry sign and you will see the Pirat Rowing Club on your left on the corner with Dampschiffhaufen.

If you are traveling by public transport, take the U1 to the VIC/Kaisermühlen stop and then take the 91A or 92A bus to Dampschiffhaufen.

Sunday 26th April - Karlsplatz - 11 a.m. Hangover Run

At 11 a.m. there will be a hangover run starting from Karlsplatz, near the Karlskirche, which is actually on the left side of the VH3 logo. This will be a gentle run around the touristic bits of Vienna, followed by some more Down-Downs, lunch and then we all go home. You pay for lunch and any drinks consumed at the Restaurant


Cost will be AS 650. This will include a T-shirt and other presents in a goody bag, beer after the runs, food Saturday night and a limited number of drinks Friday and Saturday night. It will not include accommodation, food on Friday night, Saturday or Sunday lunch time, or any drinks you consume beyond the limit on Friday or Saturday night. We know that this is more expensive than recent events in nearby countries, but unfortunately Vienna is one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

Payment Details

Please send a Eurocheque for AS 650 or a cheque for £32.50, drawn on a UK clearing bank. In both cases the cheque should be made out to "John Russell".

The Austrian Schilling is currently around AS 20 to the £ and AS 12.50 to the $.

If you are from outside of Europe and cannot manage either of these payment methods, you are allowed to register without payment and we will figure something out!


We will offer crash space for those who would prefer to stay with a Vindobona Hasher and/or would like to save money. The crash space is limited so please register early if you want this.

We can arrange accommodation at a reasonably priced Hotel, please let us know and we will send you details of possibilities. Or you can search for a hotel at the Vienna Tourist Board Site.

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