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The history of the V4+1 Hash goes back a long way to 1991. As we understand it the V = Visegrád  and relates to a meeting of 3 countries at this town in 1991, which resulted in a declaration of cooperation. See Wikipedia for more explanation. The 3 original Visegrád countries became 4 after the split of Czechoslovakia. The V4 are Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary and the '+1' is Austria. Therefore the V4+1 host Hashes are Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Vindobona HHH. Since February 2019, a new Hash has started in Brno, Slovakia and will be included as a host. Here are a list of known V4+1 Hashes (likely to be full of errors) :-

V4+1 Hash #1 in Bratislava in October 1995
V4+1 Hash #2 in Budapest in September 1996
V4+1 Hash #3 in Vienna in September 1997.
V4+1 Hash #4 in Prague in 1998.
V4+1 Hash #5 in Bratislava in April 2000.
V4+1 Hash #6  in Slovensky Raj (organized by Bratilsava Hash) in 2001
V4+1 Hash #7 in Kutna Hora (organized by Prague Hash) in 2002

After a 11 year break, Multiple Entry (Vindobona HHH) restarted V4+1 in October 2013 :-

V4+1 Hash #8 in Olomouc, Czech Republic hosted by Vindobona Hash in October 2013
V4+1 Hash #9 in Bratislava, Slovakia hosted by Bratislava Hash in November 2014
V4+1 Hash #10 in Dolni Bojanovice, Czech Republic, hosted by Prague Hash in July 2015
V4+1 Hash #11 in Telč, Czech Republic, hosted by Vindobona Hash in September 2016
V4+1 Hash #12 in Sopron, Hungary, hosted by Bratislava Hash in September 2017
V4+1 Hash #13 in Ciesyn, Poland, hosted by Prague Hash in May 2018
V4+1 Hash #14 in Bechyně, Czech Republic, hosted by Warsaw Hash/Sloppy Stool in October 2019

If anyone has any additions or corrections to this history please let us know using the link at the bottom of this page.

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