V4+1 #15 Hash Weekend,
12 to 14 June 2020
Petržalka, Bratislava, Slovakia

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Please note that the T-shirts are not the usual Unisex sizes. Click on the the chart link (opens in a new tab) to check your size (especially females).

The Hash Fee is €95 or €75 for Saturday only, which pays for dinner and some drinks Friday, evening meal and drinks on Saturday, trails with drink stops, a light lunch and beer in circle, plus T-shirt, but not accommodation.

After 1 May 2020, €40 becomes non-refundable, due to the Haberdashery costs.
If you cancel before 1 May 2020, you will get the full fee refunded. After 1 May 2020, you will get €45 (or €35 for Saturday only) and the Haberdashery (pick-up by Hasher, VH3 will store until end of 2020).

Please add any comments or questions you have in the box on the right.

* Please note, you must fill in family name, first name, email address and your T-Shirt size, otherwise the form will be rejected.

I declare that my participation in the V4+1 Hash Weekend is entirely at my own risk and responsibility and I will not hold anyone liable for any loss, damage or injury which I may sustain.

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