V4+1 #12 Hash Weekend, 8 to 10 September 2017
Sopron, Hungary


V4+1 Hash Weekend #12, The Sopronos, hosted by Bratislava Hash House Harriers

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Location - Sopron, Hungary

Telč viewed across the ponds

Hungary's best-preserved medieval town, ringed by wooded hills, and the scene of the first holes opening in the iron curtain. Cheap and excellent wine, cheap and excellent palinkas, cheap and exce… well, cheap beer. It also voted not to be Austrian.

Sopron is situated near the western borders of Hungary, at the foot of the Alps, 60 km from Vienna and 220 km from Budapest. It is one of the oldest jewel boxes of the country. Sopron merges past and present in itself. It creates a bridge between Hungary and its western neighbours, opening a gate for foreign guests visiting Hungary, as it is symbolized by the coat of arms of the city.

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Price for Weekend

Cost is €50, this includes some drinks Friday, evening meal and drinks on Saturday, trails with drink stops and beer in circle, plus T-shirt, but not accommodation. Please pay your local V4+1 Hasher - Mr. Pink (Bratislava H3), Sloppy Stool (Prague H3) and Lord Glo-Balls (Vindobona H3 and all others). If you are not a member of Prague, Bratislava or Vindobona H3, then you will receive payment instructions from Lord Glo-Balls. 


You're on your own! but it is a super compact town with relative high number of rooms. Hashers will be good in the Old Town or the Lövérek area (spas, big hotels, trail start) Choose from either (no recommendation is implied other than location):

1) Lövérek area (for bigger hotels with spa facilities, being at start of Trail) – the Superior Hotel Lövér or Hotel Sziesta would make sense. The Fagus wouldn't, it's closed.

2) The Old Town (for Old Town action) – Hotel Pannonia and Hotel Sopron are the big ones, but there are plenty of smaller hotels and Air BnBs around. Whichever you pick, you should be within a mile or so of all that's interesting.

Agenda for Weekend

This Agenda is provisional and any details may change between now and the weekend.

8 to 10 September 2017

Many details have change in the Agenda, so please refer to Mr. Pink's Email sent on 4 September- Email in Pdf Format


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History of V4+1

Poland Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary Austria

The history of the V4+1 Hash goes back a long way to 1991. As we understand it the V = Visegrad and relates to a meeting of 3 countries at this town in 1991, which resulted in a declaration of cooperation. The 3 original Visegrad countries became 4 after the split of Czechoslovakia. The V4 are Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary and the '+1' is Austria. Therefore the V4+1 host Hashes are Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Vindobona HHH. Here are a list of known V4+1 Hashes (likely to be full of errors) :-

V4+1 Hash #1 in Bratislava in October 1995
V4+1 Hash #2 in Budapest in September 1996
V4+1 Hash #3 in Vienna in September 1997.
V4+1 Hash #4 in Prague in 1998.
V4+1 Hash #5 in Bratislava in April 2000.
V4+1 Hash #6  in Slovensky Raj (organized by Bratilsava Hash) in 2001
V4+1 Hash #7 in Kutna Hora (organized by Prague Hash) in 2002

V4+1 Hash #8 in Olomouc, Czech Republic hosted by Vindobona Hash in October 2013
V4+1 Hash #9 in Bratislava, Slovakia hosted by Bratislava Hash in November 2014
V4+1 Hash #10 in Dolni Bojanovice, Czech Republic, hosted by Prague Hash in July 2015
V4+1 Hash #11 in Telč, Czech Republic, hosted by Vindobona Hash in September 2016
V4+1 Hash #12 in Sopron, Hungary, hosted by Bratislava Hash in September 2017

If anyone has any additions or corrections to this history please let us know using the link at the bottom of this page.

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