Vindobona Hash House Harriers Run #1000
20 Years of Hashing in Vienna, Austria
5 Runs in 5 Days
9 to 13 May 2002



On 25 April 1982 the Vindobona Hash House Harriers held Run #1 and started to do serious business from then onwards. 20 years later we are about to reach that very special number 1000 and we cordially invite you to join us in the festivities.


For an early bird price of €125 (valid until the IDES OF MARCH IN 2002, 15 March 2002, and €140 thereafter, you will get three runs, Beer, T-Shirt, Goody Bag, Beer, a bed somewhere in a hotel room, Dinner on Friday and on Saturday Evening, Beer, Breakfast on Saturday and on Sunday Morning, a few surprises, Beer, Beer and Beer.

What makes it a little more special is that the German Nash Hash in 2002 will take place the next Weekend in Prague, 17 - 19 May 2002, so you can have as much Hashing as you can bear in the course of just ten days.

Register soon, after all this event is limited to 110 up-for-it Hashers.

Thursday, 9 May 2002 - Tram Ride and Pub Crawl

Meeting Time: 6:30 PM (tram departs at 7pm sharp)

Directions: As this is an A to B pub crawl run, participants are requested to take public transport to the start point. Take the U3 or U6 to Westbanhof, then transfer onto the 52 or 58 tram. Get off at Anschutzgasse, which is 5 stops after the Westbahnhof. Cross the street to the 52/58 tram stop heading in the opposite direction and gather there. Blue Book: p. 31 P/9

Dress Code: 1940's style hat, trench coat, hash gear, 3rd man t-shirt (for sale on tram if you don't have one)

Alternate pickup: We can collect late cummers along the route. The tram company has been instructed to stop at the Rathaus tram stop across the street from the Rathaus (heading towards Schottentor). Riders should be there no later than 7:15 pm.

Latecomers: If you miss the tram ride, we will be on a pub crawl. The pub crawl will start from Molly D'Arcys Pub, Teinfaltstrasse 6, 1st district of Vienna. The pub crawl will start from and end at this pub, so latecomers who miss the tram should report here any time after 8.30 pm and we will direct you to the location of the main pack or you can hang out at at Molly D'Arcys until they return. To get to Molly D'Arcys, take the U-Bahn (U2) or tram (1/2/37/38/40/41/42) to Schottentor. Walk down Schottengasse and it's the 2nd street on your right.

Please note that Thursday is a bank Holiday in Austria. Accommodation in Vienna from Thursday to Friday will either be on a crash space basis and/or cheap hotel rooms, rates not included in the weekend price.


The main event takes place from Friday, 10 May 2002, until Sunday, 12 May 2002, in Langschlag in Lower Austria, located 150 km from Vienna in the direction of Prague.

Friday, 10 May 2002, will see a departure either by train or private car convoy from Vienna in the early hours of the afternoon; driving time from Vienna to Langschlag takes just about 2 hours by car. If you come by train (which takes a little longer), we'll work something out to get you there in time. Note: Driving time to Langschlag is shorter than to Vienna if cumming from parts Germany, Switzerland or parts of Italy. But you will miss the pub crawl/warm-up run on the Thursday, Viennese Hashpitality, debauchery and views of Hashers lying in the gutters in.

Directions to Langschlag from Vienna and Linz

Map of area around Langschlag (Langschlag is west of Groß Gerungs on the B38)

Train Timetable

Departure from Vienna
Franz Josefs Bahnhof

Arrival in Gmünd

Train Number

11.05 Platform 4



13.05 Platform 3



14.05 Platform 5



If you are travelling by train, ring one of the emergency numbers before you arrive in Gmünd, and we will arrange a pick-up.

Meeting point is the Hotel Waldviertler Hof, starting at 18:00. A short run (#NEIN-NEIN-NEIN, 999) at 18:30 will follow to get you acquainted to the lovely area with its rolling hills and nice running terrain, dinner afterwards.

Saturday, 11 May 2002. After a sumptuous breakfast you have the chance to see some of the medieval castles in the vicinity or get sobered up for the RUN #1000 that will start at High Noon, 12:00 sharp (in best Hash tradition).

The run will take you around the countryside with a few surprises waiting out there for you. After a circle where each and everyone will get an appropriate number of Down Downs - you just wait and see - we will have a supper of the special kind.

A Knight's Banquet in traditional style will see some high-quality debauchery, directly followed by a TOGA PARTY in true Roman style (bring your togas and surprise us, laurel wreaths might be provided for the Vestal Virgins), where live music will be played by an All Girl Band from Prague. Hash Raffle sometime later during the night to follow.

I drink therefore I am

Sunday, 12 May 2002. For those still able to pretend to run or walk after breakfast the Hangover run will start at 11:00 o'clock where Hungovers will be cured by specialists.

After the farewell circle and lunch (at your own cost) it is back to Vienna and for those who want to stay on, Monday, 13 May 2002, will see run #1002, to be held at the original venue of Run #1 where it all started back in 1982 at the Grüß-di-a-Gott Wirt in the forests outside Vienna. AGAIN, accommodation in Vienna from Sunday to Monday will either be on crash space basis and/or cheap hotel rooms, rates not included in the weekend price.


Please note that the event is still in the planning stages and many of the details may change. Please check back from time to time. All registered Hashers will be kept up to date via e-mail.

Payment can be accepted via major credit cards on-line (using Paypal). Payment can also be made by cheques in US dollars, UK pounds or euros. More information about how to pay will be sent to all registered Hashers in January 2002.

See you in May next year, Servus until then!

Emergency Numbers

Don "Multiple Entry" Gautier


Thursday Night Run and Crash Space

Norman "Stormin' Norman" Randall


Hotel Accommodation

John "Glo-Balls" Russell


Hash Cash and any other questions

List of Hashers Registered

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