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Payment Instructions for VH3 1650th Weekend - 16 to 19 May 2013

Payment is due before 31 March 2013, otherwise your status will be shown as cancelled and your place offered to someone on the waiting list. The following prices are based on sharing a double room. The Hash fee includes all meals over the weekend, except Sunday Lunch, plus all you can drink after the run and during the meals, plus Haberdashery, plus Music. It also includes the 2 nights at the Hotel and various expenses during the weekend. It does not include the Pre-Lube on Thursday or Sunday Lunch, or Sunday night at the hotel, if you choose to stay the extra night.

There are a limited number of single rooms at €20 extra for the weekend (€220 for the Early Bird). Kids under 6 will be free for the weekend, 6 to 15 will be half price without haberdashery (€100 euros for the Early Bird) and half price plus €20 with haberdashery (€120 for Early Bird). 16 or over will be full price according to the following rates. Contact me for these special prices (for kids and single rooms) in US$ or UK£.

Early Bird Price - If you register before 31 January 2013, you will pay the Early Bird price for the weekend which is €200, or $260 (US Dollars) or £165 (UK pounds). You will appear as "Early Bird" in the registration list until you have paid. You can pay any time but please pay before 15 March 2013.

Standard Price - If you register after 31 January 2013, and pay before 31 March 2013, you will pay the standard price of €210, or $275 (US Dollars), or £170 (UK pounds). You will appear as "Registered" in the list until you have paid.

Latecomer Price - Latecomers that either register or pay after 31 March 2013 will pay the latecomer price €220 or $290 (US Dollars) or £180 (UK pounds). You will appear as "Latecomer" in the registration list until you have paid.

If you are not sure if you are "Early Bird", "Registered" or "Latecomer", check the List of Registered Hashers. All payments will be acknowledged via email. Kids under 6 will be free for the weekend, 6 to 15 will be half price (100 euros for the Early Bird) without haberdashery, and half price plus 20 euros with haberdashery (120 euros for Early Bird). 16 or over will be full price.

There are 3 ways to pay, by cheque, by by bank transfer and credit card (requires a PayPal account).

Bank transfer is best for euros, a cheque is best for US $ or UK £. Paypal can be used for all other currencies. Do not use bank transfer for anything except euros. VH3 participants are encouraged to pay cash at one of the regular Sunday Hashes, unless you use Online Banking.

By Cheque

If your bank account is outside the euro zone, then the best method to pay is to send a cheque in UK pounds or US dollars to the following address :-

John Russell
Propst Wittola-Str. 28A
2301 Probstdorf

Please make all cheques out to John Russell and include a note or post-it inside with your full name and Hash Name, so that I know who has paid. I will send a receipt via e-mail as soon as I receive the cheque. If you do not receive this receipt within 1 week of sending the cheque, please send an e-mail to I may wait and send them all in to my bank in one batch, so please do not be surprised if it takes time (a month or so) to clear the cheque.

By Bank Transfer

The second method is by bank transfer. This method is recommended if you have a bank account in the euro zone. Please do not use this for US $ or UK £, just send me a cheque. Any transfer which results in a fee in euros will result in my asking you to pay the shortfall on the weekend.

Name on account: John Russell

Please note that Austria is phasing out the use of the old "Kontonummer" and "Bankleitzahl" and replacing them with the IBAN and BIC for all bank transfer within Austria, as well as those to countries within the Single European Payment Area (SEPA), which is the EU plus a few other countries (Switzerland and Monaco).  If in doubt, use the IBAN and BIC codes.

IBAN = AT58 1100 0005 8486 0100     (in Austria only, you may be able to use 00584860100 as Kontonummer )
BIC  = BKAUATWW                             (in Austria only, you may be able to  12000 as Bankleitzahl)

Bank Name:            Bank Austria ,
Name of Branch:     Vienna International Centre, Vienna, Austria
Address:                 Wagramerstrasse 5, 1400 Vienna, Austria

Please make sure that you label the transfer with your name in the reason for payment field ("Verwendungszweck"), so it can be recognized easily on the bank statements. Please email me as soon as you have paid, so I can make sure you do get the credit for the payment (just in case the bank does not forward all the information on the transfer to me).

By Credit Card

The third method is to pay using a credit card via PayPal. Use this for currencies other than Euros, US Dollars or UK Pounds, or if you just prefer to use your PayPal account. This is a secure method of paying over the Internet using Visa, MasterCard, Discovery or American Express. The disadvantage is that there is a registration procedure before you can pay. You will be billed initially in euros and this will be converted to whatever currency you use for your credit card in the normal way. If you wish to pay by credit card, send me an e-mail ( using the email address that is registered to your PayPal account, and I will send you a request for payment via PayPal.

Any questions to John "Glo-Balls" Russell.

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