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Registration form for the Silver Anniversary of VH3
22 to 24 June 2007 in  Horitschon, Burgenland, Austria

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Type of Accommodation

 Hotel - 3 star (Limited to 50)
 Camping in back garden of hotel

Please note that the run fee will be 140 euros (80 for campers). This run fee includes bed and breakfast for Friday and Saturday night. It does include dinner and all the drinks for Friday and Saturday night in the Hotel.

T-Shirt Size : L XL XXL

Please add any comments or questions you have below:

I declare that my participation in the 75th Vienna Full Moon Hash Weekend organized by the Vienna Full Moon Hash House Harriers is entirely at my own risk and responsibility and I will not hold anyone liable for any loss, damage or injury which I may sustain.

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After this form has been sent and registered in the database, you will receive (via e-mail) instructions how to make the payment. We need the 140 euros payment by the end of July otherwise your place will be given to someone on the waiting list. Please do not use bank transfers in any currency except euros and make sure you have the correct codes (IBAN and SWIFT), if you want to transfer euros. You will be charged the extra bank fee (around 20 euros) if you transfer any other currencies or forget to use the codes. If you do not have a euro bank account, you can use a credit card (via Paypal) or a cheque in US dollars or pounds sterling. Details on how to do this will be in the e-mail or can be seen here - Payment Instructions.


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