Vindobona Hash House Harriers

VH3 40th Anniversary Weekend - 17 to 19 June 2022 - Registrations


Reg. No. Hash Name Home Hash Size Colour Name on Jacket Vinothek Status
1 Grande Madame de Toilette, Marie Tamponette, OVH Vindobona XXL Steel Grey MT, OVH Yes Paid
2 Nail Me Vindobona 2XL Red Nail Me Yes Registered(D)
3 NoBalls Prize Vindobona L Lime Punch NoBalls Prize Yes Registered(S)
4 Chief Ironhat Zagreb M Red Chief Ironhat Yes Paid
5 "Just Mirjana" Zagreb XS Red Just Mirjana Yes Paid
6 Needleman Travelling Hashburgs 3XL Royal Blue Needleman No Paid
7 Boottlegg Sister Travelling Hashburgs XL Royal Blue Boottlegg Sister No Paid
8 Multiple Entry Vindobona L Navy Blue Multiple Entry Yes Paid
9 Squeeze Box Mama Vindobona XL Lime Punch Squeeze Box Mama No Paid
10 "Just Tiffany" Vindobona L Red No Name Yes Registered(S)
11 Septic Yank Vindobona XL Royal Blue Septic Yank Yes Paid
12 Walrus Vindobona XL Black Walrus Yes Paid
13 Merry Me Vindobona S Navy Blue Merry Me Yes Paid
14 Daisy Balls Vindobona S Royal Blue Daisy Balls Yes Registered(S)
15 Oh Fardolena Vindobona L Red Oh Fadolena Yes Paid
16 Root C Vindobona M Steel Grey Root C. Yes Paid
17 Cardinal Munk, OVH Vindobona L Navy Blue Cardinal Munk Yes Paid
18 Lucky Me Vindobona XL Navy Blue Lucky Me Yes Registered(D)
19 Court Jester, Free Willie, OVH Vindobona L Steel Grey Free Willie Yes Paid
20 Holy Roamin' Empress, Ice Queen, OVH Vindobona XL Lime Punch Ice Queen No Paid
21 King Ralph Vindobona XXL Steel Grey King Ralph No Paid
22 Pop Ur Cork Vindobona XL Navy Blue Pop Ur Cork No Paid
23 Casting Couch Vindobona M Red CC No Paid
24 Prince of Barkness, Slush Puppie, OVH Vindobona None
No Jacket No Paid
25 The Blessed Saint Stormin' Norman, OVH Vindobona XL Royal Blue Stormin Norman Jacket Only Paid
26 Rowed Runner Vindobona 2XL Lime Punch No Name Jacket Only Paid
27 Rear Admiral Flying Dutchman, OVH Vindobona L Royal Blue Flying Dutchman No Paid
28 Boney M Vindobona M Lime Punch Boney M No Paid
29 Happy Feet Vindobona L Navy Blue Happy Feet Jacket Only Registered(J)
30 Lord Glo-Balls, OVH Vindobona L Navy Blue Lord Glo-Balls Jacket Only Registered(J)
31 Little Richard Vindobona M Navy Blue Little Richard No Paid
32 Titti Frutti Vindobona XS Royal Blue Titti Frutti No Paid
33 Professor, DDr. Felch, Mind the Gap (MTG), OVH Vindobona None
No Jacket No Paid
34 Just In Beaver Vindobona None
No Jacket Yes Paid
35 Null Cumma Josef Vindobona L Navy Blue Null Cumma Josef Yes Paid
36 Meatballs Vindobona L Red Meatballs Jacket Only Registered(J)
37 Kun't Tell Ya! (KUTY Pi) Vindobona M Navy Blue KUTY Pi No Paid
38 My Pint of View Vindobona XL Red My Pint of View Yes Registered(D)
39 Sleeping Partner Vindobona M Steel Grey Sleeping Partner Yes Paid
40 Victoria's Secret Vindobona L Black Victoria's Secret Yes Registered(D)

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