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Vindobona Hash House Harriers

Silver Anniversary Weekend, 25 Years of Hashing

June 22-24 in 2007

Horitschon, Burgenland


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Dear Fellow Hashers, the time is right to provide you with all the necessary information for the Silver Anniversary weekend of the Vindobona Hash House Harriers in late of June in the Sunny province of Burgenland. As already mentioned, date will be June 22 – 24.


Driving Distance from Vienna city centre to Horitschon is 89,7 km, about 1 hours and 20 minutes. For more details see Driving Instructions from Vienna or Driving Instructions from Zagreb.


Public Transport from Vienna to Horitschon by train and bus. For example, train 16:00 Sudbahnhof - 17:26 Deutschkreuz then bus number 1858 leaving 17:30 Deutschkreuz - 17:36 Horitschon Friedhof.


Accommodation: Gasthof Trumer (http://www.gasthof-trummer.com/) in Horitschon and Gasthof zur Traube (http://www.gasthof-zur-traube.at/traube.html) in the adjacent village of Neckenmarkt; walking distance from place to the other less than 10 minutes.

You take your Breakfast at the Gasthof where you’re staying. For those who will stay at the Gasthof zur Traube, please calculate the walk to the Gasthof Trummer and leave your Gasthof in time to be able to participate in the runs and the evening entertainment.


The official weekend starts on Thursday, June 21 with a pubcrawl through a few watering holes in the centre of Vienna.

Start time 7pm, meet at Crossfields Australian Pub, Maysedergasse 5, off the Kaerntnerstrasse, between the Opera and Stefansplatz.


For our guests we will do the best we can to provide lifts down to Horitschon, for those who want to use public transport, there are trains and buses leaving from Wien Südbahnhof, travelling time down to Horitschon takes between 1 ½ and 2 ½ hours.  Consult www.oebb.at for further details.




After your arrival in Horitschon and after you dumped your luggage in your room, a short warm-up run will start at 18:00. After a short circle, dinner at Gasthof Trummer starts at 21:00. After that, party and Hash Disco until the wee hours.




Well I wait around the train station
Waitin’ for that train
Waitin’ for the train, yeah
Take me, yeah, from this lonesome place
Well now a whole lotta people put me down a lot ‘a changes
My girl had called me a disgrace




With these lyrics from Jimi Hendrix himself it us on up after Breakfast to do an A to B run from Großwarasdorf to Oberpullendorf.

Minibuses will take you from the Gasthof Trummer to the start of the run, with the first buses leaving at 10 o’clock.

BE AT THE GASTHOF TRUMMER AT 10 O’CLOCK to allow a fast transport of all to the run site.




Leave from Horitschon from 10 o’clock onwards. The run will start from Großwarasdorf after the transport of the pack from Horitschon, at around 11 o’clock. TRAINRIDE from Oberpullendorf back to Horitschon/Neckenmarkt starts at 13:00.


Satgurday's Run starts in Großwarasdorf (Point A) after finishing shuttle service from Horitschon.

The run finishes off in Oberpullendorf at the Train Station (Point B) where liquids (Beer, water and softies) and above all the TRAIN TROLLEYS will be waiting for you (Check out www.draisinentour.at to see what this is all about). Four Hashers will fit on one train trolley, two will have to bike, two can enjoy themselves but all four can drink, sing, be merry and even dance on that train trolley.

The way back is a bit longer but will be interrupted by at least one stop with some more liquids (Beer, water softies) and food.

The train ride will be finished at the Trainstation in Neckenmarkt, right next to the Gasthof Trummer, the circle will be held outside the Gasthof Trummer.

After the circle it is time for you to get yourself in shape for the evening entertainment.


Buffet Dinner starts at 20:30 prompt at the Gasthaus Trummer only. Be on time.

DRESS CODE: Formal (Jacket, Tie, Running Shorts and Running Shoes for Men, Evening Dress/Ball Gown for Women).

The Band starts to play at around 21:00 and will play for several hours. Hash Disco afterwards.


There is a BRASS MUSIC FESTIVAL happening in Hortischon and Neckenmarkt on the same weekend and those brass bands will be playing until the wee hours the next morning, as Mario Trummer, owner of the main Gasthof where we are staying, has told me. Three minute walk from the Gasthof Trummer to the venue where Oompah Music is happening.  It is called the Bezirksblasmusiktreffen des Musikvereins Weinland 22.-24.6.2007, see www.horitschon.at and load the calendar for “Veranstaltungen”.




After another sumptuous breakfast in your place the Hangover run will start at 11:00, again from the Gasthof Trummer. After the following circle it is time to say goodbye. You can take a shower and get in shape again after the circle. And then it is arrividerci. Possible Lunch at one of the Gasthöfe after the Hangover run at your own cost.




Euro 160,- per person, including three runs (including the train trolley ride), transport to the Saturday run start, Goody Bag with one or two special items, Haberdashery, Dinner on Friday and on Saturday, Breakfast on Saturday and on Saturday, all drinks at the restaurant (hard drinks excluded) all food and drinks on the runs and of course your stay at the Gasthof. If you have already registered, then payment is due, see the Payment Details.


Looking very much forward to seeing you all to help us celebrate 25 years of Hashing with Vindobona Hash House Harriers.


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